After Bidaai the bride comes to her new home and become a member of the groom’s family officially, According to Hindu religion the bride  is thought of as the Goddess Laxmi, or the ‘Ghar ki Laxmi’ to the family of the groom. Her first step into her new home is considered an auspicious occasion as she is believed to bring good luck and wealth to her new home. The bride’s new mother-in-law puts a steel vessel called a ‘Kalash’ full of rice at the entrance to the house. Before entering the house, the bride takes her right foot and gently knocks the vessel over causing some of the rice to spill out of it. The rice represents wealth prosperity. At last bride puts her feet into vessel which contains Kum Kum water i.e. red colored water and then get on her steps on floor by leaving her foot prints. Red color symbolizes the auspicious steps and future. By following through with this ritual she is saying that she understands her duties and responsibilities regarding her new home. She is now liable for the peace and pleasures of the household.